Rico Reed Vitalizer

The global leader in 2-way humidity control keeps Rico Reed tips from warping or cracking.

For clarinetists and saxophonists around the world, reed cane remains indispensable for the creation of music. But it’s also the most sensitive and delicate.  As the global leader in 2-way humidity control, Boveda adds or removes moisture to maintain a specific RH (relative humidity). Available in 58, 73 and 84%, Rico Reeds specially designed their reed cases for the Boveda RH of your choice.

The zero maintenance simplicity of Boveda means that your reeds will automatically be maintained at a precise humidity level, preventing warps and cracks to mold and mildew.  This makes Rico Reeds play better, right out of the case.

So when you’re expected to be at your best, only Boveda will make sure your reeds are at their’s.