Boveda Applications

Boveda: One simple product,
scientifically engineered for your demands.

Boveda is the global leader in 2-way humidity control. Boveda can be executed in a full range of relative humidity levels (13-95%) to preserve the precise humidity atmosphere for any item with which it’s packaged.

Boveda packs are zero-maintenance, they don’t need activation or special storage conditions and we make them in a variety of sizes to seamlessly integrate into your current storage containers and packaging.

If your product is moisture-sensitive, you need Boveda to keep it in optimal condition.

Tobacco Storage

The biggest enemy to fine cigars are the wrong humidity level and fluctuations or cycles in humidity. Boveda works flawlessly in humidors and in factory packaging to remove all barriers to properly humidified distribution, merchandising and aging.
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Guitars & Reeds

Your wooden instrument performs better and will last longer when stored in the proper humidity. Appropriate storage is easy since Boveda requires no activation or maintenance. Simply close your hard-sided case with Boveda inside.
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Herbal Medicine

Boveda 62 has been exploding into the herbal market because of what it does to cannabis – it unlocks smell, color, flavor and texture – all allowing the medicine to burn cooler. Store your medicine with Boveda and you’ll never lose the quality you paid for.
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Spices & Herbs

The vivid taste you want from your spices won’t be there if they aren’t kept in at their ideal humidity level. With too little moisture, spices lose their color, aroma and taste. When spices have too much moisture, they won’t measure, pour or shake well and the nuances are watered down.
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Brown Sugar

Have you ever found your brown sugar a hard rock or a gooey mess? With Boveda inside the bag or container, those days are over. By monitoring the ambient humidity and adding or removing moisture as necessary to maintain exactly 69% RH, ideal for brown sugar, Boveda will keep your brown sugar perfectly soft and ready for your culinary needs.
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Raisins & Dried Fruit

Raisins and various dried fruits that become too dry are hard to chew and can lose their color, taste and vitamins. Dried fruits that become too moist will grow mold. So how do you ensure that your fruit stays soft and supple without molding for when you are ready to enjoy? With Boveda.
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Photos & Specialty Paper

Memories in the form of photos and special documents are sensitive to moisture. Too little and they’ll lose their color and become brittle, too much moisture and they can stick together and sometimes develop mold. With Boveda in your storage container, we can prevent both.
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Food Packaging

There’s a Boveda RH for virtually any packaged food. With the right Boveda RH in existing food packaging, we’re exceeding traditional definitions of shelf life.
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Popcorn Storage

Did you know the critical influence on the fluffiness and taste of popcorn is largely determined by how much moisture is in the unpopped kernel? Kernels stored too dry pop smaller and have a tough texture that no amount of butter can overcome. Start storing your popcorn in a glass or tight container along with a Boveda 69 pouch and watch as your popped corn performs at its peak each time you feed your crowd.
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Camera Lenses

High-end camera lenses contain a delicate assemblage of gears, gaskets, oil and metals. If they aren’t stored at the right humidity level, the rubber becomes hard and cracks, damaging the seals. Protect your gear with Boveda storage at the perfect 49% relative humidity your quality gear is craving.
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Net electric charges (static electricity) are just a hassle when you take clothes out of the dryer. But when it comes to electronics, static electricity can be devastating. Boveda can be engineered to your unique needs to avoid the expense and downtime of contact, pressure, heat and charge-induced events.
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Let us Help You

Boveda can be executed in a full range of relative humidity levels (13-95%) for any intermediate-moisture need. If you’re unsure of your needs, our state-of-the-art R&D facility will determine your product’s ideal performance window and consult you on packaging methods to maximize your results.
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