Shipping FAQ

What shipping services do we provide?
At this time Boveda offers US Postal Service shipping to both Domestic and International destinations. If your order is being shipped to the United States will be offered:

•USPS First Class (under a pound)
•USPS Priority Mail
•USPS Priority Mail Express*
•UPS Ground

If your order is shipping outside of the United States you will be offered:

•USPS First Class International Package (for small, light orders)
•USPS Priority Mail International
•USPS Priority Mail Express International*

*Express Mail does not imply “overnight”, or “next-day”, it simply means we ship your order via the fastest service that the US Postal Service offers. If you place your order right before a day (or weekend) the shipping warehouse is not open and you select Express Mail, your order will be shipped via Express service on the next day the warehouse is open.
All orders will be provided with a tracking number regardless of the shipping service you select.

How is shipping charged?
We quote you shipping rates based on the weight of your order and the shipping address. You will have a chance to review the shipping charges and select a shipping service before placing your order. If you do not enter a correct shipping address we reserve the right to adjust your shipping, but we will contact you to advise in such a situation.

Boveda does not add any handling charges to your order, we charge you exactly what it costs us to buy the postage to anywhere in the world.

When are orders shipped?
All open orders are shipped once per day at 8am Central time Monday through Friday. So for example if you place an order at 10am on Monday, it will go out the following morning. If you place your order at 11am on Friday, it will go out on Monday morning. The shipping warehouse is not open on weekends or holidays.

How can I track my order?
When we pack up your order and print out the postage label, you will receive an e-mail with your tracking number. It may take another day for the tracking information to be visible on the USPS tracking website as the package is processed into their systems. Once the package is available in the USPS system you can check its progress all the way to delivery confirmation. In some cases, international shipments do not receive tracking updates once they leave the U.S.

Where are the orders shipped from?
We ship all orders directly from our factory in Wisconsin.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes we ship to most countries except the following areas due to a high number of lost packages:
South America
Central America

How long should it take to get my order?
Transit times vary, but the map provided by the USPS below should be the worst-case scenario length of time it would take to get your package. You can click on the map to enlarge. The best way to track progress of your individual order is by using your tracking number.

For International orders, we see typically see times from 10 days to 2 weeks depending on which country the package is being delivered to. Oftentimes the packages take a week just to clear customs in Europe. Delivery times to Italy, Greece and Turkey are especially slow (up to 3 weeks).

First Class Package
Priority Mail
Express Mail
Items are delivered to the addressee by noon or 3:00 p.m. the next day, or noon or 3:00 p.m. the second day.