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Our case studies illustrate our dedication to innovation and helping your company achieve results.

As the global leader in 2-way humidity control, Boveda has a strong reputation as the only trusted humidity control device used by some of premier brands in their respective industries. Here are a few ways Boveda has helped our customers grow their business and strengthen their position in the minds of their customers.

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Are you interested in exploring how Boveda can help you guarantee a consistent customer experience? Chances are we already manufacture Boveda in an Rh (relative humidity) level that will suit your needs. If not, we’ll make it. And if you need help determining your needs, our sophisticated R&D department will determine the right Boveda RH for you.

Arturo Fuente Cigars

In 2001, after two years of prolonged testing in every environment cigars can encounter during distribution, Arturo Fuente began to include Boveda in every box of their acclaimed cigars.

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Taylor Guitars

Boveda is proud to be the only 2-way moisture control device recommended by Bob Taylor. Why? Because Boveda will add or remove moisture to maintain the 45-55% environment your guitar craves..

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Food Science Corporation

In the ultra-competitive pet nutrition market they recognized the advantage that including Boveda in their packaging would have on their bottom line.
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Certifresh Cigars

How do you become the #1 supplier of premium cigars to golf courses without maintaining a single humidor? With Boveda.

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Rocky Patel Premium Cigars

For over a decade, Rocky Patel has been using Boveda inside the boxes of his sought after cigars

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Oliva Cigar Company

When Oliva launched their new flagship Melanio Serie V, why did they decide to put Boveda under the false bottom in every box?
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